Become a partner at la Ferme Terre Partagée Cooperative


La Terre partagée invites you; join us to feed the earth:


In the fields of possibilities, discover farm life, food, innovation, and cooperation.  


Near the village of Rogersville in the heart of Acadie, on a multi-generational farm of 350 hectares, a group of peasant farmers are redefining their relationship with the land and building a human scaled agricultural project. We invite you to join us to develop agroecology and transform agriculture in Acadie. This, in a enchanting environnement that values sharing, political involvement, respect for each other and intergenerational values.   For an agriculture where we share the joys and the challenges, join us to talk, bring your ideas, your knowledge and your passion. 


We are only limited by our aspirations.  

The cooperative is always looking for new peasant members in order to enlarge the family of the pleasant ridge and diversify the production and supply of agroecological products. If you have knowledge and experience related to a certain area and are interested in integrating the cooperative it is possible.


Steps to follow :


  • Contact the cooperative.

  • Participate in a trial year on the farm as a worker and team member to fully integrate the mission, values ​​and operations of the cooperative.

  • Present a business plan including: estimated budget, human resource management, and investment for the proposed diversification project.

  • Acceptance by the established members of the coop, approval of the diversification project, and acceptance as a farmer member by the selection committee of the cooperative.

  • Invest in the cooperative by paying the peasant membership shares: initial share $ 2500 and maximum share of $ 5000.


Sought after sectors of production:




Nourishing forest.

Micro-brewery and artisanal alcohols.




Food processing (canning, value added products, jam, etc.)

Seed production.

Cultural and social animation (agroecological summer camp for young people, outdoor daycare, seniors' residence, etc.)

Restauration ex: Café, artisan restaurant.

And others.