Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson

dite la flèche

​A graduate in Justice and Globalisation, agriculture is way more than seeding, weeding and harvesting for Rébeka. Sensitive to the harsh realities and injustices in the world, she is never to busy to get involved in our community. She is truly passionate about food souvernty, knowledge sharing and even if she won't admit it, she is our specialist in organic agriculture. 

Kevin Arseneau

dit le Che'vin

​Fascinated by rural Acadie, he is passionate about both its natural and cultural landscape.  As a storyteller, musician, graduate of adventure tourism, geographer, and teacher, he is constantly searching for ways that we can connect our farm work to things already happening (or that could be happening) in our communities. 

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Jean-Eudes Chiasson

dit le frigueux

​With over forty years of experience, he is just as fierce when it comes to fixing machinery as during talks on agricultural policy. Over the years, he has specialized in vegetables, grain, and livestock production (not to mention electricity, carpentry, plumbing or welding). He is passionate about philosophy so you might also find him nose in a book or a website. 

Pierre-Olivier Brassard

dit le crinqué

One day, during a soil conservation course, his teacher asked him a question that would change his life: You produce 500 acres of potatoes on your uncle's land but you do not even keep a single plot to produce your own food? A long reflection confirmed his desire to work in an agricultural model that promotes agroecology, food sovereignty, the socio-communal responsibility of agriculture, and especially the protection of food as a common good and not as a marketable commodity.

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Aube Chiasson-Arseneau dit le chat

Named best vendor for the Beresford market in 2019, she also excels at the jolly-jumper in the vegetable shed as well as her great ability to take naps in all unimaginable situations.

Hugo Chiasson-Arseneau dit le curieux

Champion carrot harvester and president of the welcoming committee for volunteers.

Patrice Frazer-Chiasson dit le buck

​A real strongman, he is unstopable once he is convinced. He is studying heavy equipment mechanics but spends lots of his time humoring his sister with many things on the farm. If we could find a way to incorporate comic books, he would never leave!

Holly Frazer dite la canneuse

​Queen of recycling, reusing, and "doing with what we have", she spends many evenings, weekend and summers, transforming farm products into delicious conconctions. She is no doubt the person that knows the most about and appreciates (to its just value) the ecosystems, fauna, and flora of the farm.

Na'gu'set dit Pépé el pastor

If you've ever driven up the Ridge, you have probably seen him going around and house and fields at full speed...he is just making sure the vegetables don't run away !?!?!

Marichatte dite la chasseuse

Prowling the fields and barns to deter intruders, she is the Sheriff of the security forces of the Ferme Terre Partagée Cooperative.

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