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Free range 


Our products


Our meat is not certified organic. However, our anomal are fed grain grown by us on the farm and soybeans grown without GMO and we do not feed antibiotiques to the animals. 


Our products can be ordered via our  ONLINE STORE. Certain products are only available in season. 


Our chicken are all free range. They are all fed the same ration of our own grain with local soybeans. This, without GMOs or antibiotics. We sell pastured chicken free range for 4$/lb. 


All the turkeys are free-range, fed on grains that we grow on the farm (except soybeans, bought locally) and everything is GMO-free and antibiotic-free. We have a very limited quantity, so book quickly.


Our pigs are fed grain grown on the farm and local soybeans without GMOs and antibiotics. One of the unique features of the pork is that the animals are fed milk which gives great flavour to the meat. We offer sausages and sides of pork (80-90lbs with all cuts including smoked hams and bacon). 


Our cows have access to the outdoors 365 days per year and are exclusively fed grass and hay. At this time, we only sell ground beef.


Our hens live on pasture and are fed grain from our farm and local soybeans, without GMOs and antibiotics  You can buy eggs at our farmers markets or order online for pickup at one of our drop offs.  


The lambs are raised by our neighbours, Lucie Chiasson and Normand Gould. They spend their summers on pasture and eat silage during the winter months. We sell sides of lamb (20-30lbs) with all cuts including shank, leg, ribs, and chops.  

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