Organic farming recognizes the direct link between our environment, our health and agricultural methods used to produce the food we consume daily.


Conventional agricultural practices, such as the use of certain synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, veterinary products and genetically modified organisms (OGM) are of social and environmental concerns. Conversely, organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic agricultural inputs and focuses on ecosystem management, respecting and harnessing the power of natural processes to control pest and diseases, and developping soil fertility in the long-term.


Organic farming works in harmony with nature rather than against it and seeks to achieve good production with minimal harm to the natural environment, producers or consumers.














For the last few years our strawberry fields and market gardens have been certified by EcoCert Canada, a internationally recognized certifying body. Every summer, they inspect the farm and the records that we have to maintain over the year. It's quite a time commitment but it's important to know that there is meaning and weight associated to the certification process. We would want the same for food that we would buy.