Que du talent!

My good friends Anna and Kyle from Steady Spade Farms in Bathurst as just as much into wwoofing as I am. In fact, probably more because they are on so many similar websites. They had two ladies on their farm two weeks ago through a website called Help X-it's really similar to Wwoof but isn't limited to farms-just people that want to help and people looking for help in exchange for food and lodging. So after their short time in Bathurst, Marion from France and Roosa from Finland made their way here on Kyle and Anna's recommendation. It was great to have their company. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the greatest but they were still super helpful in getting some of the straw off of the berries even in the pouring rain, loading wood to keep heating the greenhouse, and I even put their creative skills to work. They made two beautiful signs for me at market and some really cool item and price markets for the market as well. They are so well done. It's amazing what people can do and how willing they are to share their skills.

Un gros merci à vous Marion et Roosa. Un autre chose qui est cool dernièrement c'est a quel point nos visiteurs on un super bon francais. On ne s'attendrait pas a ce qu'une Finlandaise parle Francais, mais oui, Roosa parlais vraiment bien. C'est le fun d'échanger avec des gens si ouvert et si multilingue.

Bonne route et merci a vous deux!